Jumat, 26 Oktober 2007

Migraine!! How to prevent it ???

There’re many people feel migraine, and usually the pain is accompanied by nausea and changes in vision. And of course it can disturb the activity of that people.

Cause of the migrain....

MIGRAINE is a form of headache. It is usually very intense and disabling. Some people suffer from it repeatedly. Migraines are different from other headaches because they occur with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to light.

Migraines can be triggered by allergies and stress. They may be, relieved by identifying and avoiding problem foods. Some sufferers react to salt, lactose in milk and ice cream, cigarette smoke, birth control pills, caffeine and tryptophan, an amino acid found in protein-rich foods. All these allergens may trigger or worsen a migraine attack.

So, Is there any way to prevent an attack?

There are many way to prevent a migrain attack, like consuming vitamin, such as Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is helpful in treating migrain, cause It has been noticed that a reduction of energy production within the blood vessels of the brain is one of the causes. Thus flooding the system with riboflavin can indirectly help regenerate this flagging energy system and somehow short-circuit migraine pain. High doses of calcium and vitamin D have also been useful in treating migraines.

Not only vitamin, mineral also needed, like magnesium. On average, those with migraine have lower levels of magnesium. Studies have shown that magnesium supplementation decreases premenstrual migraines. Fish oil may also be used to reduce the symptoms of migraine headaches. Ginkgo biloba may also help as it reduces the platelet-activating factor, which may contribute to migraine attacks.

And finally,the most important, you’ve doing Exercising and managing your stress. Cause it is the main factor of migrain attack..


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